Advances In Weight Loss

Advances In Weight LossFind Out What’s New In The Weight Loss World!

The world of weight loss is enormous, with new tips and tricks, drugs, exercises, diets and so much more! The more the technology and science industry grow the more the weight loss world can grow as well. These day’s people look for the most effective and quickest way to lose weight without having to step foot in a gym or anything physical activity. Even though that the number recommendation to lose weight is to exercise, there are often many advances in weight loss that will have you shedding pounds in no time.

You’ve had the paleo diet, garcinia cambogia, tea detox’s, and raspberry ketones to just name a few of the past diets fads to hit the world of weight loss. But these day’s scientists and researchers are looking for the next best thing to help you lose weight like its instant. The advances in weight loss are ever changing and can be quite surprising sometimes. People will go to any length to lose their unwanted weight, so in this article we’ll discuss some of the new ways you can get rid of your stored body fat!

What Are The Advances In Weight Loss?

So what exactly is everyone raging over today to help them lose weight? As I said, it can range from single ingredient diet pills, new exercises, procedures, diets, and so much more. The first advance in weight loss I came across was a medication called Saxenda.

Saxenda is said to be the new “blockbuster” weight loss drug on the market. This recently became available in many US pharmacies not too long ago. It is said to be different from all other weight loss drugs. It is a one-a-day injection and works in an entirely different way by mimicking a naturally-occurring hormone that your intestine secretes when you eat food. A study was done on people over a year, and showed that over 60 percent of people using this drug has a 5 percent reduction in weight while trying to lose weight. To learn more about this drug, consult with your doctor.

The Mediterranean Diet has brought on a lot of popularity once celebrities started claiming that this was the reason they were losing weight. In theory, it’s said to be generally accepted that the natives in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and suffer less than most Americans on certain conditions. The key is to load up on whole grains and veggies, have a glass of red wine with dinner, don’t each much red meat, and enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Smartphone Apps are widely popular these days considering how much we all love to be on our phones no matter what the reason. There are so many out there, that its hard for us to tell you which one’s actually work the best. One app may work for one person, but differently for another. The great thing about these apps is the way you adjust them to your lifestyle such as, how active you are on a daily basis, your eating habits, any family history with conditions and disorders and so much. They also can help you design a workout plan that works best for you. The options really are endless when using smartphone apps.