When Is The Best Time To Workout?

Best Time To WorkoutLearn To Exercise At Appropriate Times!

Everyone enjoys working out on their own time and tend to find a rhythm for themselves. Also, a workout in the afternoon may be different for those who workout better in the morning. It’s all about how you are feeling, or how much you have going on in your day. The best time to workout really comes down to who you are as a person and what you enjoy the most. The truth is that there’s no reliable evidence to suggest that calories are burned more efficiently at certain times of the day.

For most runners, waking up early to get that long jog in is a must. It gets you feeling more energized and psyched for the rest of your day. However, there are other people who wouldn’t think of breaking a sweat before noon and prefer to workout in the later hours of the day. As I just mentioned, the best time to workout ultimately depends on what you enjoy most. Experts say it is important to choose a time of the day you can stick with, so that exercising becomes a habit for you.

So When Is The Best Time To Workout?

Your body has this thing called “circadian rhythm” which determines whether you’re a night owl or an early bird. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to alter that rhythm either. So the best time to workout is based off of your circadian rhythm, which is governed by the 24-hour pattern of the earth’s rotation. Blood pressure, body temperature, hormone levels, and heart rate are all influenced by theses rhythms. Each of these body functions play a role in your body’s readiness for exercise.

Morning Workouts:

Experts recommend that if you struggle with consistency your best time to exercise is in the mornings. Your body temperature is lower, which would allow more time to warm up than you would later in the day. If you’re struggling with a bad night’s sleep, working out in the morning can seem a lot less appealing. Keeping good bedtime habits can help you beat that insomnia. Exercising or eating too late can contribute to your body’s urge to sleep.

Afternoon/Evening Workouts:

Many individuals tend to like working out right at about lunchtime, but eating after your workout is preferred not before. It’s important to not eat before a workout, because the blood that needs to go to your muscles is going to your digestive tract. Make sure to give yourself at least 2 hours after a heavy meal to workout.

Trying To Find The Best Time To Workout For Yourself?

It’s hard to determine what type of circadian rhythm you have, so test out working out in the morning for a few weeks, then gradually go into the afternoons to late evenings. This way you can determine which time of the day really works out for you and your schedule.