How To Stay Active During The Winter

How To Stay Active During The Winter MainStay Active This Winter!

We get it.  It’s cold outside and you’re wearing your favorite clashing leggings and comfy sweater (bonus points for slippers!).  Why would you want to go outside?  But take a minute to look at yourself! You notice that mom’s stuffing made a permanent home around your legs, and the gravy has made it self cozy on your arms?  Why do you think that is?  Short answer; because you’ve been sitting inside doing nothing!  So here’s what we’ve done.  We’ve collected some things we enjoying around the office during the winter to get out and shake off the dust, and they’re all a ton of fun.  So if you’re looking to lose some weight this winter, or you’re just looking to keep from putting on your winter spare tire, then try some of these fun winter activities.  

How To Stay Active During The Winter Pt. 1

Before we get started on the activities, first we want to talk a little strategy.  The first step in getting out of your comfy clothes and netflix rut, is to identify what makes you feel like staying in.  Is it the weather?  Or are you just using the weather as an excuse.  By using the weather as a way to have some active fun, you can begin associating “bad weather” with enjoyment.  Another common “rut” we get stuck in is by coping with the anxiety of body with comfort foods, then the comfort foods make you feel lazy, and you get too tired, or complacent to go do something.  By replacing this anxiety response with a healthy activity you’re both avoiding stress eating, and getting exercise.  But sometimes weather absolutely can be an excuse, and that’s when you need to target indoor activities in your home or in warm spaces.  We’ll explore all of these possibilities in a moment.

Find an activity you can do outdoors with your partner, or with friends! Peer pressure is a strong motivator!

How To Stay Active During The Winter Pt. 2 

How To Stay Active During The Winter Bowling


Now let’s get started on some activities!  The first one on our list is an indoor activity, or rather, indoor activities in general.  One of the things we do to get out of the house on the weekends is bowling.  It’s relatively cheap, fun, warm, and gets your blood pumping.  But indoor activities aren’t limited to bowling, of course.  You can play basketball, hit your favorite indoor gym, go to an event, or do an at home workout like zumba or some yoga to get your heart pumping!  

How To Stay Active During The Winter Yoga


YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA!  Like a fit John Belushi! No more of this namaste inside business.  Don’t be afraid to go do some downward facing dog outside.  You’ll find the chill air to be refreshing and invigorating.  We try to aim for nice clear, windless, sunny days, but this really can be done in any weather as long as you dress appropriately. 


How To Stay Active During The Winter Snowshoe

Snow Shoeing?  This is one of my partner and I’s favorite winter activities.  Our favorite way to do it is to pick a about a three mile loop trail around 11am.  We then pack some crackers, cheese, sparkling water, and grapes (along with some emergency supplies, you can never be too safe!) for a nice enjoyable mid hike picnic.  Make sure to bring a water proof blanket!  We own our snowshoes, but we’ve also had good luck renting in the past.

Thanks for reading How To Stay Active During The Winter!  Hope you enjoyed our tips!  If you have any questions about How To Stay Active During The Winter, leave them in the comment section.  And, as always, check back often for reviews, news, tips (like How To Stay Active During The Winter) and exclusive insider offers.

Winter Activity Benefits:

  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Gets You Outside
  • Burn Some Fat
  • Stop Stress Eating!
  • Get A Fit Body!









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