Jump Start Your Fall Weight Loss

Fall Weight LossNew Season, New You!

Fall is here and you’re ready to start changing the way you look! This article is here for you to help you jump start you fall weight loss plan today! So you’ve spent all summer indulging in ice cream, popsicles, hot dogs, hamburgers and all that other good summer foods; however, you now notice that it has all caught up to you and you need to figure out a way to get rid of it now. With the fall being here, many people are resorting back to their gyms and leaving the sidewalks empty for the fall and winter months. Now you have the opportunity to find the right plan for you to lose weight whether that be in the gym or outside!

During the summer it can be easier for us to fluctuate with out weight. It’s easier to become more active because of the weather and wanting to be outside. However, it also is just another reason for us to overindulge in the delicious summer foods that are presented to us without notice. Some of that can even be water retention that our body absorbs to keep us hydrated throughout those summer months as well! This here though is your solution to your fall weight loss plan. Keep on reading to learn more about how you can get started on the right track to losing weight!

How Do I Start My Fall Weight Loss Plan?

You’d think that January might be the prime time to start your weight loss plan because its a new year and we all know that that is a very common resolution amongst millions of people a year. However, we often find ourselves weighing more than ever during the transition from summer to fall. During this time might be the best for you to start considering your fall weight loss plan and have you maintaining a stricter diet throughout those colder months. Here are 7 ways to help you get started on that plan today!

  1. Learn to control your servings! A 3 day survey was sent out to a group of moms where 52% said their cravings were their biggest challenge in losing weight. Eating every few hours will help to prevent that hunger, keep your blood sugar stable and reduce cravings. There is one key trick and that is to plan ahead: bring along a baggie full of unsalted nuts and dried fruits for when you hunger does strike.
  2. Put on those tennis shoes! Half of those moms surveyed wanted to lose more than 20 pounds but 72% said they had 30 minutes or less to devote to exercise each day! If you make it the exercise social, it becomes more fun, less of a chore and more likely to become routine.
  3. Don’t fail to plan. What helps a lot of people is to write down their master plan for how you’ll fit in fitness and eat healthier and factor it all in as you plan schedules for the new school year. It’s also important to remember to not forget portable snacks as well!
  4. Stock your kitchen with healthy choices. Every season brings a new crop of foods and having those nutritious foods readily available makes it easier to work them into your diet. Always have cut up fruits and vegetables on hand and pair them with a low fat yogurt dip for an instant snack or side dish.
  5. Start each day with breakfast. By skipping breakfast your inviting yourself for over-consumption of less nutritious foods later in the day. Work in fiber, lean protein, and fruits or vegetables into your breakfast.
  6. Always strive for progress, not perfection. If you follow healthy food and fitness guidelines 80% of the time, the new habits will become part of your life without overwhelming you. Doing even 20 minutes of exercise, cutting portions by even a few bites and switching from 2% milk to 1% milk. These small changes can make a big factor on your life.
  7. Don’t forget portion control. As you begin a more structured routine, it is a great time to get more detail-oriented with your plan. Portions always have a tendency to get larger, so keep portion sizes in check by measuring the quantity once in awhile.