Food Substitutes

Food SubsitutesTry These Unique Food Subs!

So you’ve made the decision to finally eat healthier and live an overall healthier lifestyle, but you need some sort of guide to help you choose the right foods to eat! In this article, you’ll learn all about food substitutes for when you’re planning your next family meal, or if you’re on the go and need something to eat! A lot of these foods you will see are just as fast and effective when cooking them and maybe even better than the original ingredient! Keep reading on to find out these great food replacements!

Losing weight all comes down to ultimately changing your lifestyle. It’s about spending your nights in the gym instead of sitting your butt on the couch and watching TV. It’s about taking the time to cook a healthy and clean meal free of processed foods. Its about choosing the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the furthest parking spot from the door! But it’s also about choosing the right food substitutes to continue on with your healthy lifestyle. It may seem like a lot of work now but you’ll soon develop a routine and it’ll become second nature to you!

What Are These Food Substitutes?

Don’t let the struggle of weight keep you down anymore and don’t let the intimidating clean eating scare you either! You’ll soon become an expert to eating fine foods for your body and you can start by choosing these food substitutes. These are some beneficial ways to change your diet without having to change the taste of the food!

Instead Of:Try:
1. Butter, Shortening, or OilApplesauce
2. Creamed SoupsMashed Potato Flakes or Pureed Carrots
3. SugarCinnamon
4. SugarHoney or Applesauce
5. Heavy Whipping CreamEvaporated Milk
6. ButterBanana, Mashed Avocado, or Chia Seeds
7. Chocolate ChipsCarob Chips
8. Canola OilGreek Yogurt
9. White FlourBlack Bean Puree equal parts
10. FrostingMarshmallow Fluff
11. EggsChia Seeds
12. PastaZucchini Ribbons
13. RiceGrated Steamed Cauliflower
14. Mashed PotatoesSteam Cauliflower
15. Cooking SprayOlive Oil and A Little Bit Of Water
16. CreamCoconut Milk
17. Sour CreamGreek Yogurt
18. TortillasLettuce Leafs
19. Mayo Or Miracle WhipMashed Avocado
20. Quick Oats Or OatmealQuinoa