What Should You Eat Before Exercising?

Eat Before ExercisingFind Out What Appropriate To Eat Before You Workout!

Many men and women are unsure about whether they should eat before exercising. The truth is, is that you should always eat something before exercising so your body has plenty of fuel to get you through your workout. There is a science behind what you should plan on eating before you workout and when to workout. This article will go over all the myths about eating right before you workout or not and what you should or shouldn’t eat before you do begin an exercise! Keep reading to find out more now!

So as mentioned, this is a big myth circling the fitness world. Many assume that you shouldn’t eat before exercising as it can cause you to slow down, become tired easily or even make you sick. Many also think that you should eat before you workout because it allows you to burn more throughout that workout. Well both of these thought processes are somewhat right, it really all comes down to time and what you eat. There are foods you should definitely avoid eating before you workout and there is a specific time that would really benefit you before working out!

When & What Should You Eat Before Exercising?

Breaking the myth now, you should always eat before exercising to that you have plenty to fuel your body with during your workout! It’s stated that about 45 minutes before you workout is the best time to consume a healthy snack. Eating heavy meals before a workout can actually slow you down because you’re body hasn’t digested all that food yet. Try eating such as berries, low-fat yogurt, bananas, cottage cheese, apple or almond butter. This will provide you with plenty of energy to perform at high intensity. Here are some tips to get you through your next workout:

  • Sugar is needed to exert energy. Your body requires a certain amount of sugar to fuel when training. When blood sugar is not there, your body will convert your own muscle tissue into energy. Ultimately, you’re trying to build up that muscle now have it be eaten away.
  • Energy is needed for your body to perform at a high intensity. If you haven’t eaten anything, your workout won’t be as intensified as if you’d fueled up beforehand. You could suffer from low blood sugar which can make you dizzy and sluggish.
  • Don’t overeat before your workout. You’ll have more energy and endurance to work harder, burn more calories and improve your muscle tone by eating a small snack packed with carbs and protein 45 minutes before you workout.

Instead of Eating Before Exercising, What About After?

It’s important to replenish your body with the right foods after you workout as well. Consume foods with lots of protein, this will stop your body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy and initiate the process of rebuilding and repairing your muscles. Contrary to popular belief, your body needs more carbohydrates than protein after a workout, to replace the muscle fuel you used up and to prepare for our next exercise session.

There is so much about eating and the appropriate foods to eat before and after working out. Consult an expert on coming up with your own diet regimen that will fit your needs!