Things You Need To Know To Lose Weight

Need To Know To Lose WeightDo You Know What You Need To Lose Weight?

You’ve begun the process of losing weight, however, you’re beginning to realize that there is so much more to getting rid of that excess poundage than you realized. There are certain things you need to know to lose weight in order to properly and effectively shed pounds and to help you reach your fitness goals. With today’s society, it is hard to keep our weight under control with the constant pressure of delicious processed and foods and the instant gratification of fast foods. Don’t be like the 2/3 of adults who are now overweight or obese.

In 2009, an alarming bit of information surfaced from the CDC who said that in the US the number of obese people actually outnumbered the amount of merely overweight people. In 2011, one of three children is now overweight or obese, nearly triple the rate from 1963. The unfortunate truth is, is the US has predominately become a nation of fat and obese citizens. Fortunately these days, many people are often becoming influenced by fitness models and new ways of losing weight. But there are things that you absolutely need to know to lose weight. Keep reading to get the low down on these facts.

What Do I Need To Know To Lose Weight?

We get that the influence of today’s busy societal norms and the ever popular fast food chains create a correlation that can’t be avoided. Health has lost its battle over convenience these days and we have big time corporations to thank that for. However, there are the few who are really motivated and encouraged to lose the weight they’ve gained and there are things that you need to know to lose weight effectively and on your schedule!

  1. Eliminate fructose from your diet.
    • If you’re sitting here struggling with that fact that you put so much time and effort into losing the weight, but it’s just going nowhere; then this just might be your reason why. The foods you choose to eat are three times more important for controlling your weight than your exercise. This includes things you wouldn’t expect such as, vitamin water or energy drinks or recovery drinks. The best sort of recovery is water and if you’re really looking for a way to replace those nutrient, a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt and a teaspoon of baking soda will do it for you!
  2. Plan your meals.
    • If you fail to plan your meals you are basically eating according to either your emotions or whatever whim may come over your around mealtime. Either way both of these can add calories. It’s important to think independently of your shifting moods about what you will be consuming for up to the next week in advance. Shop in advance for specific meals and putting attended meals down on paper and sticking with your meal schedule.
  3. Avoid soda, especially diet soda.
    • Sugar is said to increase our insulin levels, which leads not only to weight gain, but also high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, premature aging and many more negative side effects.
  4. Eat an abundance of organic vegetables.
    • Make sure to eat plenty of fresh, minimally processed high quality vegetable, ideally locally grown and organic, with a majority of them consumed raw. One easy way to boost your vegetable intake is to juice them.
  5. Avoid drinking fruit juice.
    • Drinking fruit juices is only slightly different from drinking soda. Both deliver a massive dose of sugar to your body unbound by any of the slow-releasing mechanisms provided by nature. It’s important to be aware of the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and the fruit juices can cause a major spike in your insulin levels.
  6. Avoid eating out.
    • Many foods you consume when eating out are loaded with extra calories in the form of sugars, hydrogenated fats and artificial flavor enhancers like MSG. Most likely the foods you eat are processed foods, nutritionally far inferior to anything fresh and organic.

To learn more about other ways to help you keep the weight off, contact your local nutritionist or doctor.