Daily Habits That Destroy Your Kidneys

Destroy Your KidneysBe Careful Of What You Consume!

I bet you didn’t realize that the daily habits you do could destroy your kidneys? Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this and really deal with the consequences later on in life. If you don’t take care of your kidneys is could lead to several health issues and possibly even result in death. Our kidneys are very important to the way our bodies function, as they work to filter waste and extra water out of our blood. Simply put, you need your kidneys to live, just like you need your heart, lungs and liver.

Every day our kidneys filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood, which is roughly about 30 gallons. This extra waste and water become urine and under up passing through tubes called ureters. You can find your kidneys located near the middle of the back, on either side of you spine and just below your rib cage. The kidneys also have other responsibilities that are vital to our health. They control chemicals and fluid in your body, help control your blood pressure, help keep your bones healthy, and help you make red blood cells. Below is a list of daily habits that you could be doing that destroy your kidneys and you may not even be noticing it!

What Are Habits That Destroy Your Kidneys?

As already mentioned, this organ in our bodies is vital to our healthy. They deliver hormones, channel our blood, retain minerals, create urine and adjust antacid corrosive. If you fee like your struggling with the pain of down kidneys, it could be from your daily habits that do destroy your kidneys. This happens to many people and it’s best to consult a medical expert if you have any concerns.

  1. Drinking pop is a big factor in dangering our kidneys. There was a study performed by scientists in Japan that demonstrated that individuals who drank a few soft drinks a day had a higher danger of anguish from kidney sickness. Further investigation lead to a lot of protein in their urine and proteins are an early sign to kidney illness.
  2. Not consuming enough vitamin B6. Having a routine rich in vitamins and minerals is key for proper functioning kidneys. The absence of vitamin B6 expands the danger of kidney stones. For them to properly work you need at least 1.3mg of vitamin B6 everyday. You can get this by consuming fish, hamburger liver, non-citrus leafy foods.
  3. Magnesium! You can get magnesium by consuming foods such as green vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts. If you lack magnesium consumption in your body, your doesn’t produce enough calcium which could lead to kidney stones.
  4. Smoking. At least two cigarettes a day are sufficient to twofold the quality of endothelial cells and to influence the supply routes to sclerosis.
  5. No physical activity. Physical activity is key to keeping our bodies functioning. In 2013, a demonstration of ladies in menopause who don’t do daily activities have a 31% higher danger of kidney stones.
  6. Not drinking enough water. To work ordinarily your kidneys need to stay hydrated. When you’re not consuming enough water poisons aggregate into the blood.

Signs That Destroy Your Kidneys?

If you don’t take care of your kidneys it could lead to possible kidney disease. When they aren’t working well, your overall health begins to decline. When they’ve become permanently damages and aren’t functioning it’s called Chronic Kidney Disease. The damage to the kidneys from CKD can worsen overtime as well. If the damage is severe it could lead to kidney failure, and this ultimately put you on dialysis or put you on the operation table for a kidney transplant.

CDK also leads other health complications, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Some infections, inherited diseases and injuries may happen as well.