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Ultra Slim 400 ReviewNEW: UltraSlim 400 Review!

What’s the secret to a great body?  Well, if you listened to conventional wisdom, it would be eat healthy and exercise.  While those are still very important in the grand scheme of things, sometimes people that are already overweight can struggle getting results with this method.  Why?  Because they’ve already established behaviors that caused them to gain weight in the first place.  That’s why we’ve been so impressed with Ultra Slim 400.  It’s using a forskolin blend that features more of the active ingredient cAMP than other leading supplements.  So what does that mean?  Basically, it means results.  

Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin is one of the few all natural, herbal supplements on the market that doesn’t contain stimulants.  That’s always something we watch out for, as they can interact with your body in ways that can be potentially dangerous.  Ultra Slim Forskolin instead uses a molecule called “cAMP” which works to stimulate production of hormones and enzymes that largely control our metabolism.  Add to that the lipolytic properties of the compound, and you’re burning more calories, and, more importantly, more fat.  If you’re interested in learning more about how Ultra Slim Forskolin 400 works, then stick around.  We’ll cover information on how cAMP works, as well as why Forskolin is so prevalent in supplements today.  But if you’re more interested in getting results, click the link below to order your bottle today!

How Does Ultra Slim 400 Work?

Ultra Slim 400, as we discussed a little bit above, works by using a cutting edge extraction of a plant known as coleus forskohli.  Commonly known as Forskolin, this plant is used primarily as a weight loss ingredient.  That’s probably due to it’s active ingredient cAMP, or Cyclic adenosine monophosphate.  This is a chemical involved in how our body communicates to itself.  For weight loss, it’s used for glycogen, lipid, and sugar metabolism. Here’s how it’s thought to work:

cAMP Stimulates Metabolism –  By increasing production hormones and enzymes responsible for metabolic rate, cAMP works help you lose weight.

Forskolin Increases Fat Burning – by increasing hormone levels, forskolin is able to help increase fat burning and improve body composition by aiding in creation of lean muscle.

Ultra Slim 400 Benefits

  • Safe, All Natural Supplement
  • Cutting Edge Extraction Technique
  • High Efficacy Blend
  • Get Sustainable, Attainable Results
  • Great For Daily Use!

Ultra Slim 400 Reviews

Reviews for Ultra Slim Forskolin 400 have been mixed to good so far.  We haven’t seen any outright negative reviews, which is great.  But we also haven’t seen that many only positive reviews. So what does that mean?  Well, it either means their marketing was too effective , or that the supplement actually wasn’t working as described.  We think it’s the former, but be sure to consider this when buying.  Our experience with the product has been very positive, especially with the trial.  More on the trial below.

Ultra Slim 400 Trial Program

Like we said above, we really liked the Ultra Slim 400 Trial.  We think it’s a solid way to try the supplement, without paying full price.  You can check out details on that trial, plus learn more about pricing and shipping by clicking the banner below!

Ultra Slim 400 Ingredients