Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline Water BenefitsWhat Does Alkaline Water Do?

We’ve been hearing a lot about alkaline water lately.  Not just alkaline water either, alkaline foods, alkaline diets, alkaline pets.  Well, maybe not the last one, but we were beginning to think that if you put the word alkaline in front of anything, it was already a thing.  But it’s not without merit, there are a lot of good Alkaline Water Benefits that we’ve seen reported everywhere from a famous TV Doctor, to health blogs.  So what are these benefits?  In this breakdown we’ll cover some of the reported benefits and start breaking down whether or not they hold any water, alkaline water.

Alkaline Water Benefits: What is Alkaline Water?

You’ve probably heard of acidic and basic foods if you’re reading this guide.  Basically, liquids place on a level on the pH scale.  This scale breaks down liquids into either acid or base, and gives them a level on the scale.  The scale moves from zero, to fourteen, and moves from acidic, to neutral, to basic.  So where does alkalinity come in?  Alkalinity, or the measure of a solutions’s ability to neutralize acidity, is something you’ve probably used without think about it.  Have you ever taken an antacid?  Chances are you’ve used an alkaline remedy for neutralizing your stomach acid.  The idea is the same for alkaline water.  It’s used as a way to combat an acidic diet.  Is everybody’s diet acidic?

What Is Alkaline Water, Continued:

No, but many of us do have overly acidic diets.  It’s pretty easy to, after all many of our favorite foods have a ton of acid in them.  Fruits typically have an acid component, like citric or ascorbic acid. Same with soft drinks, coffee, etc.  That kind of acidity is normally dealt with by our GI tract, which balances the acidity of our diets.  But this process takes energy, making us tired if our diets are obnoxiously acidic.      


Alkaline Water Benefits: Does It Work?

So what do we know about Alkaline Water?  We know it counteracts acids.  So how does that help us?  It helps us in a few ways.  First off, it can help to counteract the acidity in the liquids you drink.  That acidity can slowly eat away at your enamel, causing you to lose tooth strength, eventually leaving you with weak, brittle teeth. Next, our diets can have a ton of excess acidic foods in them, so that means that you get a lot of excess stomach acid.  Stomach acid, or gastric acid, is really potent.  In fact, in the rare, and awful cases where the stomach is punctured, that acid ends up eating away at your insides.  But that acid can also cause other minor issues, like acid reflux, and indigestion.  If you’re suffering from those kind of issues, Alkaline Water Benefits many people, could it help you?

Alkaline Water Middle

While we’re not entirely convinced on the validity of some of the more unbelievable claims, Alkaline Water has seen some support for it’s supposed treatment of high blood pressure, cholesterol and even diabetes.  While those claims haven’t been substantiated enough for our liking, there is some evidence pointing to it.  The best advice we have for you is to try it.   A bottle of Alkaline water isn’t very expensive, so if you order one and it doesn’t help, don’t get it again.  If you do like it, and there are many that do really like it, there are pitchers and even full systems available.  

Alkaline Water Benefits:

  • Counteracts Acid Diet
  • May Help With Blood Pressure
  • May Help With Acid Reflux
  • Helps Indigestion
  • Helps Heartburn

Alkaline Water Benefits: Final Thoughts

So at the end of the day, would we recommend Alkaline Water?  Yes.  It hasn’t shown that it’s harmful, and since it’s working for a lot of people looking for relief from acid reflux, then we think it’s a good thing to recommend.  Thanks for reading our article on Alkaline Water Benefits, click one of the images above to shop prices on amazon!