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Maca Benefits ListSupercharge Your Metabolism W/ Maca!

We cover an absolute TON of weight loss products here, but we don’t often get to cover something as simple and effective as this.  Matcha, is a green tea powder that gives you an insane boost of energy, while helping to increase your metabolism.  When you combine these effects, you get a powerful weight loss alternative that can get you some serious results!  We’ll dive into the full Matcha Benefits in a bit, but if you’re looking for a good, affordable matcha powder, then definitely check out the one we’ve linked above from Nature’s Blueprint.  Click the image to see why this matcha green tea powder is so well liked!

One of the many benefits of Matcha powder is it’s versatility.  You can use it just about anything, like smoothies, shakes, and for baking into your favorite treats.  It’s also great for a morning pick-me-up that can replace even the strongest espresso.  We’ve found that working it into our routine has helped us to have the energy we need for workouts, plus it seems to get us sweating during workouts faster! Keep reading for our full list of Matcha Benefits, but if you’re looking for a good addition to your weight-loss arsenal, then definitely pick some up.  We’ve linked our favorite matcha powder below, so make sure to check it out!

Matcha Benefits – How Does Maca Work?

Before we get into how Matcha works, we first want to cover a bit of history about this superfood powder.  Basically, it’s a finely ground powder of green tea that has been specially grown and processed.  It doesn’t include the stems or veins, which is pretty common in other green teas, and it’s considered a step above tea.  Traditionally it’s been used only as a tea, but in modern years, it’s been used in everything from Soba noodles, to milkshakes, to ice cream.  Besides it’s obvious versatility, it’s also really good for you. It houses an absolute ton of antioxidants, and it’s full of the natural energy that green tea is so known for.  Yada yada yada, we know, get to the part about weight loss.  Sorry!  We’ll dig in to the Matcha Benefits below.

Maca BenefitsThe connection between Matcha and weight loss is immediately apparent.  It sports the metabolism boosting qualities that we often pay big bucks for, and because it gives you a ton of energy, it makes you more likely to get out and actually exercise!  It’s almost calorie free, and because it functions as a natural appetite suppressant, it’s great for between meals, or before workouts.  When you take this one with a solid workout plan, you can expect some solid results.  The tea itself can take a little getting use to, as it’s very potent, but we found that giving it a squeeze of lemon or lime juice was a great match(a).

Matcha Benefits

  • Great, All Natural Weight Loss
  • Appetite Suppresant
  • Boost Metabolism!
  • Great For Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy, Drive, Focus 

Matcha Benefits – How To Use Matcha

While purists will harp on you and tell you to use their fancy little Japanese whisk, you really don’t have to.  We had good experience with vigorously stirring it into hot water.  If you don’t like the taste warm, then you need to try it cold.  We found it most palatable over ice with a squeeze of lemon.  If you like the taste of green tea, you’ll probably wonder why we were even souping it up in the first place, but you’ll quickly figure out a way to enjoy it.  We also had GREAT luck with incorporating it into healthy snack bars.

Matcha Benefits – How To Buy Matcha

When you’re looking for the best Matcha Tea on the market, you want to look for the most pure, organic formula you can find.  Look for ones with little to no added ingredients.  We’ve went ahead and found one that fits those criteria, and linked it below.  It’s from a company we really like, and because it has hardly any calories, and provides solid weight loss properties, we definitely recommend it for you lovely ladies.  Click the link below to see if it’s right for you!  Thanks for stopping by, and remember to like share, favorite, and check back for all the latest reviews, previews, and special offers!

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