Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

Diet Isn't WorkingAre You Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals?

You’ve recently put in a lot of work to lose the pounds you all of sudden consumed. But for some reason, you aren’t seen the progress you’ve been hoping for. This could be because your diet isn’t working for you. So how do you really know if what your doing is right or wrong? In this article, I’ll discuss with you the reasons why you aren’t able to shed the pounds like you’d hope too. The good news is, is that your diet just needs a quick fix and you’ll be on your way to a skinnier you!

Now it is important to know that the reason you couldn’t be losing weight is coming from common eating mistakes that even many inveterate dieters all prey to. If your weekly check-ins on the scale are staying consistent and you’re beginning to wonder why you can’t lose the weight you’ve prepared to lose, then consider these reasons that are listed below. Now this can be common for people as to why their diet isn’t working out for them, so don’t be discouraged because it can easily be adjusted for you! Keep reading on to find out what you need to do!

Why Your Diet Isn’t Working For You?

Once again, this is a common and simple hump to overcome in your journey to losing weight. Many people find themselves in this position and with a little change you can do so. All that you need to realize is what in your diet isn’t working for you! Find out now by looking through these tips!

  1. You aren’t eating enough!
    • Consider increasing your calorie intake. Now this can be scary to hear for many people, however, if you are also following a strict exercise regimen you’ll easily burn through those calories faster. If you drop below the 1,200 calories count per day, you are not only eating enough to get all the nutrients you need, but your body slows your metabolism in order to hold on to precious calories! It’s also important to not skip meals to lose weight, your body will lose the ability to feel full.
  2. Reward exercise with food.
    • By allowing yourself to consume food after you eat is okay, but stay away from high-calorie foods and beverages. You are likely to overestimate how much the workout burned off and underestimate how much you ate.
  3. Slurping diet drinks.
    • Diet beverages are a sure backfire. These beverages may cause your body to hold on to calories as fat. Fake sweeteners may not quell a craving like real sugar can because it triggers a longer dopamine release.
  4. You friends are heavy.
    • A recent study conducted through Harvard showed that your chances of being overweight or even obese increase a half percent with every friend in your network. This can cause your perception of being overweight to change, you begin to think that living larger seems acceptable since the heavy person is your friend.
  5. Eliminating wine.
    • In a study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that women who drink one to two glasses of wine daily gained less weight over 13 years compared to those who did not drink alcohol.
  6. Diet Isn’t Digital.
    • It’s been shown that using programs through your phone, tablet or computer can help you lose more weight. This is because these programs often leave you with feedback about your progress therefore, motivating those to lose more weight or give them the encouragement that they need.
  7. No Carb or Fat Free.
    • This can leave you short on the nutrients you need to stay energized. The trick to losing weight the correct way is a varied diet that includes healthy fats and good carbs such as fruits.