Tricks To Beating Winter Weight Gain

Winter Weight GainDon’t Put On The Extra Pounds This Winter!

We all dread the winter months when we know we’re going to put on that extra weight gain. The only good thing about that winter weight gain is the possibility of keeping us warm, however, that could be the reason as to why we did put on the extra poundage. There is also the fact that there are three big holiday’s that bring about lots of food: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. Americans tend to put on half of our annual weight gain around the holiday season, which is about 2 pounds per year. If you don’t shed those pounds, the begin to add up year by year.

The reason our bodies begin to gain weight easier is because our bodies tend to adapt to that excess weight. If you compare our stomachs to a balloon, the more water you add to it the balloon stretches. The same thing happens to our stomachs! Ultimately, we’re going to end up wanting more and more and this will cause our metabolism to slow down as well. When our metabolism slows down we can’t burn through food and calories quickly, therefore causing it to be stored as fat. Be weary of the winter weight gain before it catches up to you!

What Are Some Tricks To Winter Weight Gain?

Fun fact for you; its much more easier to not gain weight in the first place than it is to lose what you’ve already put on. Here are some simple tips and tricks helping you beat the winter weight gain!

  1. Cut down on the screen time.
    • Turn off your TV and the computer and enjoy your meal without any distractions. You can help break the tendency to overeat by making an effort to be mindful no matter what you’re eating. It’ll help you to feel more satisfied with what you’re eating.
  2. Move around more.
    • You can significantly increase your overall calorie burn with everyday activities or so called “incidental exercise”. Unpack the car for 10 minutes or straighten out the house for 20 minutes. Try to skip the elevator and take the stairs. All of these can burn an average of 50 calories, which can add up if you decide to make the right choices.
  3. Indulge in your cravings.
    • In moderation though! Studies have suggested that feeling deprived can trigger overeating. Making food off-limits just increases its allure.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.
    • Skipping out on sleep can pack on the pounds, which could possibly alter hunger hormones. Missing an hour or two of sleep may make you more likely to give in to junk food the next day. The prefrontal cortex is compromised by sleep loss!
  5. Eat your veggies.
    • Eating veggies is an easy way to cut calories. You’re getting a lot of food for not that many calories, plus a healthy dose of feel full fiber.
  6. Enjoy the outdoors.
    • We get it, it’s winter and it can become unbearable to want to be outside in the cold. However, if you bundle yourself up correctly; go outside and sled with the kids or shovel your sidewalk.