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Manuka Doctor HoneyGet GREAT Natural Health Benefits With Honey!

Looking for a way to sate your sweet tooth, and not get a ton of nasty chemicals?  Manuka Doctor Honey prides itself on it’s all natural benefits, which come from a process that lets as little as possible interfere with the natural superfood, Manuka Honey.  So what is manuka honey?  Manuka Honey is made by bees that gather their pollen specifically from the Nanuka bush.  This bush is native to New Zealand,  where it thrives in a natural, relatively pollution free environment.    The 24+ Bio Active rating means that the honey is highly active with naturally occurring peroxide levels.

So why cover something like Manuka Doctor Honey here?  Good question.  While we don’t see this as a way to necessarily lose weight, we do see it as a healthy alternative to sugary chocolates, or other sweets that can carry with them a wide variety of noxious chemicals, or sugars that don’t carry the benefits of honey!  It’s naturally and responsibly sourced honey, and it’s made from only the highest quality Nanuka Honey in New Zealand.  If you’re interested in learning more about how Manuka Doctor Honey can help cure what ails you, click the link below!


How Does Manuka Doctor Honey Work?

Honey is thought to carry with it a whole host of health benefits, including help with allergy acclimation, and overall well-being.  It’s been one of the most sought-after natural products in our history, and has been used in all kinds of salves, and concoctions.  Heck, even Cleopatra used the stuff.  So what are we doing writing about honey on a weight loss forum?  The answer might surprise you.  Honey, especially honeys like Manuka Doctor Honey, provide a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth, while providing your body with all kinds of natural benefits.

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What Makes Manuka Doctor Honey So Great?

When you buy honey at the store, you’re often getting honey from hives exposed to pesticides, herbicides, and even insecticides.  That’s not even mentioning the pollution that many of these bees incorporate into their honey.  When you use natural honey, harvested from healthy colonies of bees, without fillers or additional refining processes, you’re preserving all the qualities of what make honey so great!  That’s what makes Manuka Doctor Honey so special.  It’s harvested from colonies in New Zealand, from bees that forage specifically on the Manuka Bush.  The distinct lack of pollutants in New Zealand gives this honey a taste, and purity you can’t find anywhere else.  

Manuka Doctor Honey Benefits:

  • All Natural Manuka Honey
  • Highest Bioactivity Manuka
  • Product Of New Zealand
  • Great Honey Company!
  • Great Sugar Alternative!

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Even if you don’t find the health claims of Manuka Honey plausible, there is one thing you won’t be able to deny– the stuff tastes amazing.  If you’re ready to get a great price on some great, responsibly sourced, all-natural honey, click the banner below to order your jar of Manuka Doctor Honey.  Supplies are limited, so make sure to order yours today!

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