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Solar Forskolin ReviewLose Weight FAST With SolarForskolin!

Hiding in the shadow of the two biggest weight loss trends, Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee, is Forskolin.  But we don’t think a funny name should keep it out of the limelight.  In fact, we think it’s generally better than it’s garcinia or gc counterparts.  That idea is made truth by the new Solar Forskolin Supplement.  This supplement has reminded us of just how effective forskolin extract can be for weight loss.  It’s typically advertised as a way to help control hunger cravings, and we’ll take a look at that claim more closely later, but Solar Forskolin pills seem to be doing just that.

Aside from the main ingredient, Forskolin extract, there isn’t too much going on with Solar Forskolin.  But that’s not a bad thing.  We like it when supplements use their primary ingredient well.  SolarForskolin has done just that.  Using a 100% forskolin extract with no fillers.  That allows for better application of it’s benefits, including a reduction in hunger cravings.  But it’s beyond that, because of the way Forskolin is interacting with your body, it’s more able to impede instances of stress eating.  These kind of effects are great for weight loss, and ones we think just about everybody could benefit from.  You can see how Solar Forskolin has benefited people just like you, and get information on pricing and shipping options by clicking the link below!

How Does Solar Forskolin Work?

Solar Forskolin is using… you guessed it, Forskolin.  This forskolin as it’s commonly called is actually a labdane diterpene that’s produced by an Indian plant known as Coleus forskohlii.  But it wasn’t until 2005, when researchers discovered that supplementation of Forskolin was beneficial for changing body composition (aka fat %).  In this study, people experienced a significant decrease in body fat percentage as compared to a placebo.  Other benefits of supplementation that aren’t represented in that study have been a decrease in stress eating and appetite cravings.  When you combine these effects, you get a great way to lose weight safely and easily.  

Solar Forskolin Benefits:

  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Decrease Hunger Cravings
  • Curb Stress Eating
  • Safe, Easy To Use
  • Great Company In Supplements

Solar Forskolin Supplement Ingredients

The real beauty of the Solar Forskolin formula is that they’re not using any fillers, chemicals or binders.  That means you’re getting 100% Forskolin in every pill.  That means that this pill is as close as you get to the supplementation they were using in the study we discussed above.  One Solar Forskolin review we saw pointed out that this tactic is paying dividends, especially in burning fat and gaining lean muscle.  The before and after pictures we’ve seen have supported that, and they’re nothing short of amazing.

Solar Forskolin Trial Information

Since this is essentially a preview of SolarForskolin, trial information hasn’t been released yet.  But we can make a few guesses based on the marketing information we’ve found.  First, we think they’ll be using the same trial they used for their previous products.  That means you’ll basically get a bottle sent to you for “free”, you just pay for shipping.  If you like it, keep it and they’ll send you an additional bottle every month.  You can view pricing on this trial, plus get reviews, testimonials, and more by clicking the banner below!  

Solar Forskolin Reviews