How To Tone Your Abs

Tone Your AbsLearn How To Tighten Your Abdomen Now!

Abs, this is something everyone dreams of having whether you are a male or female. Many people have been obsessed with wanting to tone their abs, however, many exercises can be misleading causing you to do nothing for your abs. This article will go over some known exercises that have worked to tone and tighten those abs and give you the definition you’ve always been wanting! Remember it’s important to keep a consistent workout regimen, so that you are seeing optimum results that you strive for!

The abs are comprised of four different muscles. The Rectus Abdominis links the trunk to your lower limbs. This muscle is best worked through traditional stomach exercises. The Internal and External Obliques are located to the side of the center of your stomach and define your waist. Lastly, the Transverse muscle is the deepest muscle. It wraps around the center of the trunk from front to back and it contains and supports the abdominal organs. It important to consistently tone your abs so that you can get an even definition!

How Do You Tone Your Abs?

There are several ways to tone your abs, and like I mentioned earlier some of them don’t do any justice to your figure at all! Women’s Health Magazine combined a list of promising workouts to help shape your abs in not time!

1. Stability Ball Pelvic Tilt Crunch: What you’ll need for this exercise is a five or ten pound medicine ball and a stability ball. Place your back and head pressed into the ball, your feet together on the floor and the medicine ball positioned against your chest. Brace your abs and crunch until your shoulders are off the balls. Then reach the ball toward the ceiling.

2. Walk The Plank & Rotate: Put yourself into a plank position with your hands on a 12 to 18 inch step. With all your weight on your left arm, rotate your body while raising your right arm toward the ceiling. Then return to plank position and step your right arm down to the right of the bench, make sure to then use your left are down to left of the bench. Step back up, leading with your left arm.

3. Arm Pull Over Straight Leg Crunch: What you’ll need for this workout is about a 10 or 12 pound dumbbells. Like on your back with your arm behind you. Then extend your legs at a 45 degree angle. Bring your arms up over your chest and lift your shoulders off the mat while raising your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor. Return to start.

4. The Matrix: You’ll want at least five to 10 pound medicine ball and start by kneeling on the floor with your knees hip-width apart. Lengthen your spine and press the ball against your abs. Slowly lean back as far as you possibly can, keeping your knees planted. Hold that reclined position for 3 seconds, then use your core to slowly come up to the starting position.

Make sure to do all these within 15 repetitions of 2 to three sets! By doing so you’ll see rock hard abs within a matter of weeks and you’ll begin seeing definition almost immediately!