Spring Weight Loss Tips


Untitled-10Lose Some Weight This Spring!

With spring rapidly approaching, a lot of us are looking at the scale and wondering exactly what we were doing this winter!  Even if you did follow our winter workout tips, chances are you still put on a few pounds.  It’s normal, the sedentary period of winter makes the body behave differently, even making us more likely to put on pounds.  While this measure of safety has long since outlived its evolutionary role, we’re still feeling, and showing, the effects. So what to do you say, want to start this spring off right with us?  With our guide on Spring Weight Loss Tips, we’ll cover some healthy ways you can get your bones moving, and out off the couch, some foods you can eat for a boost in energy, and even a few things that might surprise you.  The best part?  We’re doing it for free, just for you.  Keep reading to find out more!

Spring Weight Loss Tips: Strategy  

Wait!  Before you head to the gym and start flailing around like a
wild animal, first you need establish a plan.  A plan?  Yes!  We’ve seen the best intentions fall apart quickly because the experience of working out didn’t live up to the expectation.  We definitely recommend a plan of action, plus setting a goal.  Studies have shown if you actually set a concrete goal, you’re more likely to try to achieve it, so set that goal!  5 pounds, 10 pounds, maybe even just set a goal to run a mile in less that 8 minutes, something like that.  But exercise is just one part of that, you should also have a plan in place for eating healthy, and even improving your unhealthy habits at home.  Set a goal for improving one part of your diet, like, eat salads for lunch four days a week. The last part of your strategy needs to focus on combining the two plans, and setting a schedule you can follow.  More Spring Weight Loss Tips below.

Spring Weight Loss Tips 2Spring Weight Loss Tips: Exercise!

And one and two and one and two, whew!  There’s no gentle way to put this, you need to workout more.  If you’re working out a lot, and not getting results, you need to work out smarter!  It’s never too hard to get the body you want, it just requires that you do it in an intelligent way.  We like starting the spring by walking.  Start slow, don’t burn yourself out.  A lot of people make the mistake of setting an unsustainable pace right away.  But here’s the truth, you can’t burn all that fat at once.  It’s a process.  Make sure you set a workout schedule that eases you in gradually, and set a pace that is sustainable once you’re in.  Once you feel those workouts starting to be too easy, put the gas back on and start going a little harder.  If you feel your body fighting back with pain, ease back a little bit.

Spring Weight Loss Tips
Spring Weight Loss Tips: Diet!

People say that diet is just as important as exercise for overall health.  But we’ll tell you something that others won’t, it’s really not.  Diet definitely controls the heights that your body can reach, and it goes lengths to determine your overall health, but exercise is by and large what controls what your body looks like.  We’re not saying you should go to your nearest Mexican grocer and pick up a container of lard.  We’re just saying that you don’t have to follow a strict diet that makes you unhappy.  Eat cake once in awhile, just don’t eat it everyday.  Don’t get fast food more than once a week.  Don’t drink multiple soft drinks a day.  That kind of thing.  Just use your head, and use moderation.  That said, we did want to pick out a few foods to help you get a boost before you go hit the gym to lose weight:

  • Fruit:  Fruit is great thing to have before you hit the gym.  It won’t leave you feeling sluggish, but it gives you a nice kick of sugar to fuel your workout.
  • Whole Grains:  Eating a few whole grains the night before your big workouts will mean you’ll be breaking them down the next day, leading to a steady supply of available sugar for your workout energy.  
  • Yogurt:  Yogurt is great recovery food, because it contains some vital fats and protein that are needed for muscle recovery.
  • Nuts:  Nuts are great for providing your body with more accessible fat for muscle repair. They’re just a great snack.  We’re…crazy about them.  
  • Avocados:  This one isn’t really about the health aspect, since we’ve covered our healthy fats and oils.  It’s mostly about that sweet, sweet guacamole. 

Spring Weight Loss Tips: Final Thoughts

So we’ve covered a few strategies for you to shake the dust off in our Spring Weight Loss Tips, and start getting back in shape.  But before you do, we want you to remember two important things.  Don’t push yourself too hard, and whatever you do, have fun doing it!  If it’s going to be hard work getting back into shape, and losing weight, you want the process to be as rewarding as possible.  Good luck, and remember to check back here at Weight Loss Offers for more reviews, tips, tricks, and exclusive offers.  Remember to share, like and bookmark!