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Gym Angel ReviewSpread Your Wings With GymAngel!

Are you looking for a fast-acting way to gain energy, stamina, and endurance for your workouts?  We know we are!  Today we’ll be looking at the Gym Angel Energy Drink, which has been shown to deliver fast acting results while tasting great.  It’s carb free, so you don’t have to worry about putting on fat like with other pre-workout supplements, plust because it’s specifically geared for women, you don’t get the overwhelming surge of stimulants like with men’s supplements.  This one’s a clear winner in our book, but make sure to do you research!  Click the image above to learn more about this energy-packed formula from Gym Angel!

If you haven’t heard of Gym Angel before, then you’re not alone.  They’re a relatively new company that is affiliated with Controlled Labs and Venture Bar.  They’ve been somewhat of a pioneer in launching high performance weight loss formulas specifically geared toward women.  They have a full line of products; Slim Angel, Pure Angel, Omega Angel, Vital Angel, Sweet Angel and Energy Angel (the one we’re looking at today) and they each cover a nice niche that seems to be undeveloped among supplement makers.  To learn more about the company, it’s ingredients, and the benefits of using Gym Angel, keep reading, but if you’re ready to start shopping (we don’t blame you) click the link below to get started now!


How Does Gym Angel Work?

The product we’re looking at today is a good one for those of you already deep into your workout cycles.  Gym Angel has a full line of stuff, so there is something for everyone, but this one is specifically geared for women who are trying to get in shape, and lose weight.  To that end, it’s not carb heavy, and is mostly designed to get your metabolism moving, and to give you solid energy throughout the length of your workout.  It’s fast absorbing, and fast acting, so you don’t need much time before your workout to use it.  It’s also creatine free, which means you won’t bulk like with other pre-workout supplements.  It’s great for increasing endurance, and because it works in synergy, it helps to increase both strength and stamina.

Gym Angel ReviewsAfter a quick peak at the label, we were impressed with what we saw.  It had only a handful of ingredients, and some ones that we definitely like.  The first, Vitamin C is a workout staple, and provides a nice flavor.  The betaine anhydrous and L-Carinitine – L Tartrate are workout staples as well, on the muscle side.  Agmatine Sulfate and Caffeine Anhydrous round out the mix, giving a huge boost in both energy and metabolism.  All in all, we definitely like the ingredients, and it’s easy to see why they picked them in the quantities they did.  If you want to learn a bit more, click the image at the bottom of the screen to get reading!  

Gym Angel Benefits

  • Designed Specifically For Women
  • Great For Pre Workout Energy
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Boosts Energy
  • New Emerging Company! 

How To Use Gym Angel

The stuff itself comes in powder form, making it easy to mix into water before your workouts.  It’s fairly tasty, but we ended up drinking ours pretty quickly, so be prepared.  Ideally you’ll want to take this stuff about 30 min prior to your workout, but we had good experience with 15 minutes before as well.  It has caffeine in it, so keep that in mind as well, as it can definitely keep you up pretty late if you’re not careful.

How To Buy Gym Angel

We’ve found the best prices available on Amazon, which we’ve went ahead and linked in the image below.  Make sure to take advantage of the prime shipping option if it’s available, and if you don’t have prime, it’s definitely worth it.  Thanks for reading!  Click the image below to get started on your next fast-paced workout!

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