Is It Important To Count Calories?

Count CaloriesAre You Aware Of What You Eat?

For some people, having to count calories is a daily part of their life. These people become very conscious of the amount of calories they put into their diets to make sure they lose weight or maintain their weight loss. For many people as well, they become too obsessed with counting their calories. This can lead to serious weight disorders even when you don’t realize you’re doing that to yourself. It is important to keep track of the foods you eat while you choose to lose weight, but it’s also highly important to not get carried away as well.

Now the idea to count calories became popular fairly recently says Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, board-certified nutritionist and author of Living The Low Carb Life and much more. This became a thing when people count on to the idea of “bomb calorimeter”. You measure the ash and heat to find out how much “energy” was released and therefore how much “energy” was in the food. These days’, many people calorie count for all of the wrong reasons because they look straight to how many calories are on the nutritional label and not what else is in the food. Some foods that are good for you are high in calories, and may benefit you more than you think!

What Is The Important Of Counting Calories?

Whether you choose to count calories or not, it is important to know how many calories you should be consuming in a day. If at any point you choose a diet plan that has you counting your daily servings, it good to have this number at the back of your head. It has been said that there is no general guideline about how many calories you should consume due to many factors based on your current physical condition, age, sex but from US National Weight Control Registry’s findings.

Even though the thought of counting calories is seem tedious and unnatural, it can be very important especially if you’re looking to lose weight. This allows you to be aware of how much food intake you’re actually consuming. Let’s just say that when you count your calories your also keeping track of your weight loss as well. Certain diet plans will increase your daily calorie count because you’re able to burn through more in your works! Therefore, burning off more than you are consuming.

How Do You Count Your Calories?

  1. Figure out how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight.
    • Create your “calorie deficit” to lose weight. This means that you want to eat less calories than your body burns in a day. You can figure out this number by visiting a dietitian or there are several calculators online to help you out.
  2. Figure out your proportions of Carbs, Proteins, & Fat.
    • The quality of the food you consume is very important to your diet. By eating the right proportions, you’ll not only be healthy, but you’ll curb cravings and feel less hungry.
  3. How to track your calories.
    • The easiest way to count your calories is to use online tracking programs. These programs will also provide you with daily or weekly feedback. You can also use traditional pen and paper, however, you won’t be getting the feedback you need to help you through your weight loss.
  4. Tracking food intake.
    • It is said that many people don’t realize how much they overeat during their first week of calorie counting.
  5. Track your progress and make changes.
    • It’s up to you to lose the weight, it can be very discouraging at first, but once you start seeing the results you’ve been hoping for you’ll realize that it is all worth it!