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Today we’ll be looking at an interesting new weight loss supplement from Allure Weight Loss.  Their newest trick?  Green Coffee extract.  Green Coffee Allure formula is designed to help people lose weight, and do it safely.  But does it succeed?  In our review, we’ll be looking at how the supplement works, the ingredients it’s using, and then take a look at some user reviews to see what people are saying about the product.  Along the way, we’ll be giving you a chance to check out the trial program, before discussing the program in full at the end of our review.  We have a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in.

The biggest thing to mention about Green Coffee Allure is that it’s very true to name.  It’s using a nice Green Coffee Extract, which has proven to be both natural, and pure.  This attention to a pure, natural ingredient is something we admire, but it also proves to be useful for weight loss results.  By using this 100% Green Coffee extract, Green Coffee Allure is able to get results that other formulas are simply incapable of getting.  If you want to put it to the test, click the button below to order your Green Coffee Allure today!

How Does Green Coffee Allure Work?

Green Coffee Allure is using a pure extract of green coffee bean.  This bean is the same as the variety you have when you drink coffee, but is used in its natural, un-roasted state.   When it’s not roasted, it maintains levels of an acid called “Chlorogenic Acid.”  This is considered to be the active ingredient in green coffee, and is responsible for all the benefits of this supplement.  It’s thought to help regulate blood sugar, suppress overall appetite, and boost weight loss results.  We’ve also seen reports of it boosting metabolism and fat-burning, but those haven’t been verified.  

Green Coffee Allure Benefits:

  • Great For Weight Loss
  • Natural, Effective, Safe
  • Works Great With Diets
  • Helps Supress Appetite Levels
  • Great New Trial Program

Green Coffee Allure Ingredients

As far as we’ve been able to gather, Green Coffee Allure is only using green coffee extract. We’re guessing that there are a few stabilizing ingredients, like gelatin.  That’s also a common ingredient used in making the capsules.  Sometimes you’ll also see ingredients like calcium as an added bonus.  These serve to reinforce the weight loss properties of Green Coffee, as well as providing some of their own.  But for the most part, this one is all green coffee.

Green Coffee Allure Trial

With every successful weight loss product comes the inevitable trial program.  Love it, or hate it, it’s the reality in the industry now.  It’s also the only way you can get Allure Green Coffee at the moment.  So if you want to buy it, you’ll have to try it first.  How rude! But if you do want to try a great weight loss supplement, this is a consumer friendly way to do it.  There are a lot of details that we’re not going to have time to cover, but be sure to read them.  We’ve seen our share of disappointed people after signing up for a trial without knowing what they were signing up for.  So make sure to read the details!  Ready to study up?  Click the banner below to access the full trial info.

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