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If you’ve been trying to lose weight in the last decade, you’ve probably heard of Shaun T.  His revolutionary workouts have led to tens of thousands of people losing weight with fun, upbeat workouts that get some MEAN results.  His latest, Cize Workout follows his patented high intensity technique, but this time it’s paired with something everybody loves to do; DANCE!  In Cize, Shaun T gives you a high-intensity dance routine to master.  Unlike other workouts, he drops you right into the fun stuff.  Giving you some crazy fun moves to keep you going.  As you work through the videos, you’ll up the intensity and the cool factor, blending hip-hop, electronic, pop and even some Latin dance moves that will get your blood pumping.  But don’t worry, you won’t even notice you’re getting a workout until you’re done!  So if you’re ready to try out the hottest workout on the market, click the picture above to read reviews, check prices, and buy the Cize Workout!

Cize Workout proves that even if you’re not a dancer by trade, you can bust some moves given the right instruction. With Cize, you’ll be memorizing and doing high intensity dance routines from professional choreographers, while dancing to some of the hottest music.  Music ranges from songs originally performed by Bruno Mars, Timbaland, to popular artists like Destiny’s Child and Ariana Grande. When you order, you also get a “Eat Up Meal Plan,” “Beginner and Advanced Calendars” and a much needed “Weekend Survival Guide.”  The biggest benefit of Cize Workout, however, is that you’re getting a high intensity strength, cardio and core workout while engaging your mind with fun, easy to learn dance moves!  If you’re ready to try Cize, then click the button below to review prices and order!

How Does Cize Workout Work?

Have you ever been at the club, or even dancing at home, and noticed that you were sweating up a storm?  No imagine that, combined with the high intensity technique that has made Shaun T an icon in the workout world.  By combining the natural cardio workout of dancing with fitness instructor guided moves to improve your core and strength, you’ll be melting fat and boosting your metabolism while doing something that no other workouts can offer, ENJOYING YOURSELF!  

We’ve talked about the dance moves, but don’t forget what made Shaun T famous in the first place, results!  His workouts have always brought the house down.  Throw his signature ab package into the mix, and you’ll have all of the tools you need for getting your body into the best shape possible.  The Cize Workout works by giving you a multi-faceted workout that starts with an intense cardiovascular work out.  This is the real active calorie burner, as it boosts your heart rate, and starts dipping into your fat reserves when you really get going.  But the other important facet of this workout is its integrated strength training. By isolation certain muscles through repeated movements, you’ll be getting a strong muscle workout while working your cardio.  

Benefits of CIZE:

  • High Intensity Workout!
  • Learn Fresh New Moves!
  • Burns Fat Fast!
  • Includes Six Dance Coursees
  • Bonus Diet Plan and Ab Workout

How To Use Cize Workout

Cize Workout drops you right into the mix, literally.  Shaun T powers you through intense workouts starting Day 1, with some accessible and easy to learn dance moves.  As you progress through the workouts, the moves get harder and more rapid, culminating in a breakneck high intensity dance frenzy that will get your body looking like a Beyonce back up dancer.  When you combine the Cize workout with the included diet plan, planning calender, and weekend survival guide, you’ll be getting a whole new healthy lifestyle that enables you to lose weight fast, while getting in great overall shape!

How To Order Cize Workout 

Ordering Cize is easy, just click the banner below and you’ll be taken to the direct amazon page.  There you can read reviews, shop prices, and even get Amazon prime shipping for fast and free delivery.  If you’re ready to join the fastest selling workout routine in the country, then it’s time to try Cize! Remember to bookmark our page for more exclusive reviews, previews, and offers you can’t find anywhere else! Click the banner below to order Cize today!

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