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If you’re like one of the millions of overweight women in the world, or if you’re just unhappy about your weight, then you know how hard it can be to lose it.  Fat is stubborn.  But luckily, so is Phentaslim.  Using a unique blend of ingredients that include Green Tea, Theanine, Carnitine, Guarana Seed and others, Phentaslim wokrs to melt the fat off your body.  In our review, we’ll talk about how the product is working, cover their full ingredient list, and even talk about user reviews from around the internet.  We’ll also share with you how to get the best possible value on your first order.

Phentaslim is what we consider to be a “metabolism booster”.  They come in both active, and passive forms.  But ones that work to stimulate your metabolism the way Phentaslim does, are considered “active”.  Active is a HUGE understatement for such a powerful supplement. It works to increase your base metabolism to the point that fat practically melts off.  Add to that some nice support ingredients that give energy and muscle support, and you have a breakthrough supplement in the works.  And, with the new formula just introduced by the company, those results are lengths better.  If you want to learn more, keep reading, but if you’re ready to see prices and availability, click the banner below!

How Does Phentaslim Work?

Phentaslim is an interesting weight loss supplement.  It’s not using a gimmick ingredient like Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee or Forskolin.  But it’s also not some “ayurvedic” natural solution.  It’s more in line with gym-based supplements.  That said, it’s using a ton of natural ingredients.  Phentaslim ingredients include; Green Tea, Caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Panax Ginseng, Guarana Seed, Magnesium, Cayenne Pepper, Niacin, Zinc, Black Pepper Extract, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Riboflavin, and Vitamin B12.  

Phentaslim Benefits:

  • Lose Weight FAST
  • Boost Your Workout Results
  • Great For Daily Use
  • Stimulate Your Metabolism
  • Burn Away Fat

Phentaslim Reviews

Phentaslim, despite early panning from critics, has developed a set of loyal customers quickly.  That loyalty is apparent in the hundreds of reviews online for the product, as well as word of mouth at the gym.  While the supplement hasn’t proven to be right for everyone, it seems to achieved its goals for the majority of users.  Reviews point to great metabolism-boosting results, as well as good weight loss results. We’ve heard of users using Phentaslim to get that initial metabolism boost, then using it again when they hit a wall.  We’ve also heard of people using it daily.   That said, be sure to check with your physician before starting, as it does contain caffeine for thermogenic purposes.

Phentaslim Price Options

Right now there are three options for people interested in buying Phenta slim.  The best value is the 3 bottle, which gives you a free bonus bottle.  That works out to about $35 per bottle, which is $25 cheaper than buying a single bottle.  If you don’t want to fork over the cash for that many, you can get a lone bottle for around $60.  Or two bottles for $95.  Whichever way you decide to buy, be sure to check this one out.  If you’re ready to see what kind of weight loss results Phentaslim can get for you, click the banner below to order today!

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