Today’s Health Alerts

Today's Health AlertsWhat’s Affecting Your Health?

Each day you hear something new on the news, whether is pertains to your health or not. Typically, when there are new discoveries in the medical industry whether is has to do with illness or an advancement; it usually becomes a pretty big deal. It takes over the media world by storm and many people begin to take notice of it. This happens a lot concerning the weight loss industry and the amount of new products or discoveries that come out into the market. Keep reading on to find out today’s health alerts in the weight loss industry!

Once we hear about a new breakout in an illness we often prepare ourselves for the worst, which its good to be precautious, however, the likelihood of the spreading widely over the world is tough. That’s because of today’s technology and the advancements in the medical field. However, its good to stay up to day on today’s health alerts because that way if they do end up reaching us, we will know how to take those precautions. We’re lucky to have the advances in technology that we do today, otherwise we as human beings would not be able to live as long, like thousands of years ago!

What Are Today’s Health Alerts?

The world of health is never ending and scientists and researchers are always finding new ways to make advances in this industry. A big part of that industry revolves around weight loss, weight gain, obesity and overweight. It feels like each year something new is being discovered and most of the discoveries can lead to some of today’s health alerts.

Obesity has become not only a big problem in the United States, but all around the world. This is the condition that involves excessive body fat that increases your chances of health risk problems. There was a recent discovery done that found the obesity gene, which could possible lead to new treatments. A faulty version of the gene has been found that causes energy from food to be stored as fat rather than burned. This work was led by MIT and Harvard University and published online Wednesday by New England Journal of Medicine. This sort of discovery has not been detected before and gives a whole new perspective on obesity.

It’s also recently been found that red wine can improve cardiovascular health of people with type 2 diabetes. Of course, this goes with saying that you should drink it in moderation, but it is linked to controlling your cholesterol and cardiac health, according to new findings from a two-year randomized controlled trial led by researchers at Ben-Gurian University of the Negav. They can also improve sugar control, depending on alcohol metabolism genetic profiling.

Lastly, research has also discovered that eating some dairy in your diet can help you to absorb fewer calories. However, it all comes down to the high levels of calcium in dairy. Calcium is aid to bind to fats during digestion which creates a soap like substance that our bodies find hard to absorb. This means that more calories are excreted. Calcium can only bind to fats present int he same meal. Therefore, dairy should only be consumed with a main meal that contains some fat, eating dairy products alone will not decrease excess fat stores on the body.